Paoul is an italian, world renowned, producer of dance shoes.

“Paoul is a historical brand. Not just in Padua, but all over Italy and the world. A brand that has expressed its passion for dance and love for craftsmanship since 1967. Interpreted by shoes worn by today’s best show business professionals but, above all, by those who step out every day as if they were dancing.”

paoul 01o

Back-Stage Gallery

For the second time the company produced a calendar to be sold for charity and this time I was invited to shoot one of the twelve photos. This issue’s theme was surrealism and the title was VISIONS.
I told myself that this could have been a great opportunity to throw in the professional game I prefer: the group work. I then asked my friends of Officina delle Nuvole, an informal association of creative minds: Caterina Parona – as they say “young talented photographer” – to which I’m linked in a creative and professional association; Laura Toffaletti – great friend, calligrapher of great taste, already partner in other projects.
Michela Dalla Brea – make-up artist, an old and valued professional acquaintance and Marianna Bellamoli – art-buyer and stylist joined us for this project.




Surrealism was the inspirational theme and Paouls products were the subjet: just like the other eleven authors we received a pair of sandals to interpret. And from them on fun began, cause we had to discuss what to do and how: anyone brought his/her own idea and from the discussion emerged, little by little, the solution.




We finally used an ordinary location, our studio back-office, enriched by a precious carpet, common matresses, precious textiles to cover Caterina’s body – who held the triple role of a photographer and a double character – and a background that resembles to an informal painting. Dream and hallucination, ambiguity and desire, eroticism and androgyny. These are the elements that led us to give birth “Je te veux …”: surreal vision, multifaceted and ambiguous vision, in eternal suspense between reality and dream.

Photo: Marco Ambrosi and Caterina Parona
Make-Up & Hair-Styling: Michela Dalla Brea
Calligraphy: Laura Toffaletti
Stylist and backstage photographer: Marianna Bellamoli
Model and photographer: Caterina Parona








click here to visit the backstage photo-gallery (by Marianna Bellamoli

We want to thank Tiziano Miglioranzi of Il Mercante d’Oriente – an intelligent and generous carpet collector and seller – and Giulia Pesante, who gave us some of her exquisite jewels.

VISIONI – SURREAL STORIES is promoted by Maria Teresa, Katia and Cinzia Pizzocaro, owners and managers of Paoul, to support IOV, Oncological Venetian Institute. The project has been presented during the Women’s Night at Hotel Excelsior in Venice. Design and art-direction has been curated by Marco Morello of BuildIdea Group.








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